-Do you offer trial runs?: Yes we do! We love to be able to give our brides, and sometimes mothers, the opportunity to do a trial for either hair and/or makeup before the big day. Our trial runs are at a rate of $135 for both hair and makeup services. Choosing hair OR makeup service(s) individually for a trial are set at a rate of $75 per service if booked separately. A booked trial is not a set deposit as a wedding date retainer.

-Do you offer airbrush makeup?: Yes, some of our artists do. Although extremely trendy in 2014, 2015 and 2016, Airbrush is not a preferred method of makeup application. A true artist will always choose the right fit, finish and wearability for a specific client's skin type. This one size fits all makeup application isn’t for everyone. Please talk to your artist about the options of airbrush makeup on date of trial.

-Can you hold my date without a deposit?: With the demand of qualified beauty professionals in the bridal industry growing at a rapid rate, we cannot hold wedding dates for services on a verbal agreement basis. Our artists require a deposit in order to retain the date. Please note: A booked trial does NOT constitute a booked wedding date. A non-deposit paid trail is an open date for another bride to book without notice.

-I only have a couple hours to get ready and I have a pretty massive bridal party… Do you bring assistants or other artists for my large party?: Yes, if a bridal party has a large enough size and desired number of services we will bring a team to the morning of. This discussed number of individuals will be predetermined before the date of the wedding. Please note that a minimum of $850 in services must be met in order to bring in another member of our beauty team. If more than two artists are required, please inquire about this specific pricing. Please see services below to figure service minimum.

-Can I add or subtract services on the morning of?: We would love to have any service(s) that would like to be added on wedding date. Unfortunately, with the planning of services with the amount of artist(s) needed on location, we cannot take away previously committed services. After signing this agreement, services can be added but not subtracted.

-My bridesmaid just bailed… I need to take her off the list of services, is this possible?: It is extremely important that our brides are aware that any committed number of service(s) is a service that will have to be paid for. Party sizes and the amount of artists required for hire on location are set up in advance. After signing this agreement, services cannot be deleted. Bridesmaids, attendees, moms, etc who are committed to services must follow through on payment regardless if they are able to receive the service or not.

-Do you take credit cards?: We are able to run credit card payments. Cash and checks are a preferred method of payment as costs associated here are zero. With credit card processing fees on the rise, we have to charge what the credit card company charges us in order to cover this cost, at a current rate of 4%. It is advised to collect or to have prepayment ready in order to avoid a last minute scramble before wedding start times.

-Do you offer any type of discounts?: Our pricing is set. There is one exception to this rule. Military weddings are our favorite! If you or your spouse-to-be are in the military please let us know. We realize the importance of this service and feel that it is only right to offer a 10% Military Discount to our military brides and/or brides with military husbands-to-be.

-I need a trial on the date of my engagement shoot, possible? It is becoming increasingly popular to request trial appointments during engagement shoot, bridal shower, bachelorette, other various events that include the potential need for hair and makeup services. Please note that your stylist cannot guarantee trial availability to line up with other life events.

-Do you do same-sex weddings?: We do weddings. We are happy to provide services to all forms of love. We frequently do dual-brides and absolutely love that we can be involved in the process for two individuals who can finally be legally married. Pricing to dual-brides can be figured with the service pricing below. We charge the total amount of one bride and one bridesmaid, combine those figures and divide it by two. We also groom grooms! Please reach out with further questions regarding dual-bridal pricing.



Meet Kaylee:
 Kaylee is #Queen. She is your go-to gal for all info regarding your go-to #SalonDLMbridal Temecula Bridal hair and makeup team. Salon Superhero by day, Kaylee will help with coordinating and scheduling the right chair for the right bride. Give the portion below a quick look... We've simplified the process by answering a few simple questions. If you are ready to book for your big day, give us a call and Kaylee will direct you to the portion of our website where a password is required to access our contract and other details required to set your date in stone.